Big Changes to St. Luke’s


uHooders. Get ready for the pile drivers…a new St. Luke’s is coming
to an unsightly parking lot near you. If approved in September,
construction begins in 2011.  Here’s an excerpt of what we can expect:

Construction of the proposed St. Luke’s Replacement Hospital would begin in 2011 and continue for approximately 4 years. The approximate duration of key construction phases is expected to be as follows, with some overlap occurring between certain phases:

► utilities realignment, 8 months;
► excavation, 3 months;
► foundation work, 8 months;
► structure and exterior work, 20 months;
► interior work, 18 months; and
► demolition of the existing hospital tower, 5 months.

For more deets, go to
and download the PDF for 2.6.

Thank god we’re renting our new place. It just became a lot less
appealing for the next seven years.

Wild Pepper “Grand Opening”

Oh Wild Pepper – we in the uHood are not fooled by your "Grand Opening" banner nor by your three new plants outside.  We know you are the same crappy Wild Pepper we never ate at before.  At least have some creativity in your re-launching efforts like the restaurant formerly known as Toad's!  


So Excited for Today, 21 July 2010!

Hey gang, today is an exciting day.  Guess which restaurant is scheduled to open?  That’s right, GRUB!  

Here’s the post on Table Hopper from last month:

Come to think of it, maybe I should shelve my excitement.  There’s NO GODDAM WAY that place is opening today. Or any day.  EVER!

Our own farmer’s market


uHooders – No need to trek up the hill to Noe anymore.  No need to brave the crowds at the Ferry Building.  We now have our very own (nearly uHood) Mission farmer's market.  Every Thursday from 4 – 8 pm on Bartlett between 21st and 22nd.  And looks like it will be Mission style with music, food, and mural painting (what else do you need while you shop for vegetables?).   For more information:

Arizmendi Keeps Threatening

Arizmendi keeps threatening to do something with their 24th @ Valencia location.  I checked their website today and it indicates that they expect to open their Mission location fall/winter 2010.  That’s total weak sauce of the first order.  They need to get baking now!  Now, I tell you!  NOW!

Since Arizmendi ain’t doin’ shit, what do you uHooders think about a pizza night over at Pethompson?  It’s been a while.

It Puts the Lotion on Its Skin


Where to begin with what’s wrong with this picture?  It was found on the exterior of a grubby looking house somewhere in the viscinity of Tiffany and San Jose; strictly outside the boundaries of the uHood but sufficiently close to be blog-worthy.  Buffalo Bill would be proud.

The opening superlative sets the stage for an abundance of creepiness.  The house is not just happy, it’s super happy.  Super happy for whom?  Definitely not the naive kid strolling the neighborhood in search of affection.  Step foot inside this house and once the hug is done you’ll find a hand on your pink bits and an order to rub lotion on your skin.

But maybe I’ve got this all wrong.  Maybe it’s totally innocent and the super happy hugs are nothing more than just that.  Then again, the hand drawn nature of the sign does little to inspire confidence.  A black sharpie and a sheet of letter sized paper says “touched by an uncle” much more than it says “touched by an angel”.  Stranger danger, kids!  Stay away!  Honk like the Fonz!