The dryer to end all dryers


Long live Bubbles & Beans, the spanking new laundromat on 24th between San Jose and Guerrero. You couldn’t imagine how happy I was to discover it after previously trekking a good couple of blocks away.

“But I have another laundromat closer,” you say. “But I have a washer/dryer in my house.”

Nonsense – this laundromat has to be experienced to be believed. Since all the washers and dryers are brand new they’re beautifully shiny and clean with no weird smells at all. But the biggest perk is that they put the “E” in efficiency – two quarters dried my whole load. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief.

1 thought on “The dryer to end all dryers

  1. Fuck it! I’ll stop using the washer and dryer downstairs in the laundry room and hit up Bubbles & Beans. The beans are for coffee, yes? Not frijoles.

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