The Creepy Guy By 24th & Mission BART

I’m really creeped out by a guy whom I see every morning standing in front of the coffee shop right next to the mexican pastry shop nextdoor to Pizza di Mano.  You know the guy; in his fifties, holds a cane, wears a checkered coat and looks kind of like he’s been around the proverbial block a few times.

Here’s what creeps me out about him: he’s there when I go to BART at 6:50am each day, standing at the corner cat-calling just about every woman who has the misfortune of entering his field of vision.  And he’s in the SAME SPOT when I return at night some 12 hours later.  What the fuck does this man do for a living?

I’ll do my best to get some furtive photographs.

2 thoughts on “The Creepy Guy By 24th & Mission BART

  1. HA! I just about shit myself. No really, I almost just sharted reading this. Annie and I have talked about this guy since we moved into the hood. We’ve even named him Uncle Paco (sounded like a good creepy nickname). I was so curious about the dude that I asked the cafe owner about him once. Apparently his real name is Mario. His fulltime job? Perving. Yup, straight perving 24/7 on any living being with a vagina age 0 – 120. He used to be much more active in his perverted ways until a stroke slowed him down (hence the cane). Harmless dude, but creepy as fuck.

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