uHood Restaurant Secrets


So I feel as though there are many tips, tricks, hints, and secrets about our favorite restaurants in the uHood that would be perfect to share on the microhood blog (fitting with the editorial policy).  Here are a few:

Rosamunde Sausage Grill delivers!  $10 minimum delivery, order on-line at http://www.rosamundesausagegrill.com/mission.html.   And another little known fact – they will sell sausages un-cooked so you can grill them at home ($2 – $2.50).  

Papalote has a frequent buyer punch card.  Buy 10 burritos and get one free (and they are very liberal with the punching system.  i.e. you can use the same card for a whole group order).  You can also buy the salsa by the pint to take home.  http://www.papalote-sf.com/

Beretta will let you call ahead and put your name in line up to 45 min before you arrive.  They also have a private dining room downstairs!  http://www.berettasf.com/

Blue Plate discount coupons are sometimes available at restaurant.com.  This is usually paying less than $10 for a coupon good on $25 off a minimum purchase of $35.  If you sign up for the restaurant.com mailing list you will get almost weekly offers to buy the coupons that normally cost $10 for $2 – $3.  

Restaurant.com also offers coupons for Good Frickin' Chicken, Bissap Baobob, Tokyo Go Go, Panchita's #3, and Destino.

What is your uHood restaurant secret?  

4 thoughts on “uHood Restaurant Secrets

  1. Had no idea about Beretta allowing call-ins. I might actually go back there knowing that’s the case, although Julia will have to be convinced.

  2. Looks like you are enjoying Papalote Salsa in the pic!!!WIsh I had more to add….you used most of my secrets 😦 Although I can say ….if you get to know shop owners really well. they will give you stuff for free…..more come on that 😉

  3. Another new development – Anthony’s cookies now has frequent buyer cards! Buy six 1/2 dozen cookies and the 7th is free (but only one stamp per visit – no matter how many cookies you buy)

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