New restaurants in the uHood

Looks like there are some new restaurant options coming to the greater uHood.

Zaytoon – this place has been in the works on Valencia forever.  Supposedly it will finally open next week.  Sounds like a falafel and shawerma place (seems alot like Truly Mediteranean?).  22nd & Valencia

Another Monkey – a Thai place moving into the former Conduit space at 14th & Valencia.  A sister restaurant to Kao Samui and The Monkey (in SOMA near Caltrain) and it looks like upscale Thai. No real info on the website yet.

Everyone is copying the Microhood

Seriously – FolSoMa?  Our uHood is so much cooler.  Do we have to have a way too trendy name?  


Microhood Party

Various venues
Event time: 6 – 9 p.m.

FolSoMa, a microhood identified as Folsom street between 7th and 8th, will play host to a party hosted by The Bold Italic on May 25. At Bloodhood, sip special cocktails made with Bulleitt Bourbon. Head down the block for a complimentary beer (while supplies last) on the back patio of Triptych. City Beer Store will also a $5 tasting flights of their favorites, while Adobo Hobo and Bike Basket Pies will provide snacks. Duck into Sightglass Coffee for some geekery, and end the evening by watching a “guerilla street performance” by Hubba Hubba Revue. Best of all, the event is free, but you MUST RSVP.

The dryer to end all dryers


Long live Bubbles & Beans, the spanking new laundromat on 24th between San Jose and Guerrero. You couldn’t imagine how happy I was to discover it after previously trekking a good couple of blocks away.

“But I have another laundromat closer,” you say. “But I have a washer/dryer in my house.”

Nonsense – this laundromat has to be experienced to be believed. Since all the washers and dryers are brand new they’re beautifully shiny and clean with no weird smells at all. But the biggest perk is that they put the “E” in efficiency – two quarters dried my whole load. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief.

Drama in the uHood


[From May 6th: e-mail error kept it from being posted sooner] Apparently if you rip an aluminum can in half you can use it as a pretty effective weapon. Fortunately, the cops showed up in time.  This photo is the aftermath of the drama… there were about 6 cop cars and some guns drawn a little before this.