Bienvenido Mr. Pollo

New restaurant in the uHood – Mr. Pollo
2823 Mission St, at 24th; The Mision; 415.374.5546

I haven't noticed the place, but per the food bogs it is a tiny Columbian restaurant, with a market-driven menu by a Coi/Quince-trained chef featuring different riffs on poultry/beef/fish, fresh arepas, sides of fried plantains n' yucca, and a four course tasting menu that places you at the whim of the chef.  

Menu available at:    Sounds yum!

It’s a Sandwich!


Please welcome my new sandwich to the world!  Toad's has kindly added a vegetarian sandwich per my request.  It's off menu so ask for it by my last name.  And then explain what you mean since it's not actually named after me – I'm just hoping it will catch on.


Disclaimer – Picture is of similar sandwich and is not an actual representation of MY sandwich.